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  • lilliput screen connector

    Hi to everybody,
    Sorry for my poor English, I hope you will undestand my problem.

    I have a LILLIPUT 8" 4:3 TFT CAR PC VGA TOUCH SCREEN 859GL-T in my landcruiser hdj80 connected to a toughbook panasonic CF-M34 fo inboard navigation.

    My problem is that the Lilliput screen connector provided with the kit on the screen side, is not strong at all ( only clips ) and when doing offroads, the connector sometime switch off or the screen is blinking or is deconnected from time to time .

    Looking at the lilliput touchscreen connector socket on the right side, I have seen that it will possible to tighten a connector with screws, there are two holes to fix them on the socket.
    Do you know if there is a cable available with a screen connector with screws instead of clips?

    Thanks a lot for your answer,

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    additional info

    original cable showing male centronic connector with clips and the female connector on the lilliput body.
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      the solution to my problem
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        I was wondering if any of you guys (or anyone) has a pinout of the connector for the screen from the usb/vga end to the actual board itself? I have been checking the pins and something just doesn't ad up. Any help at all would be awesome. Thanks!