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Anyone tried these on ebay?

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  • Anyone tried these on ebay?
    Sorry if its a repost, i used the search button but noting came back

    Anyone tried these?
    Funny thing is, i live in HK, the seller is in HK, and he refuces to send me thru local mail. actually they refuced to sell me the unit at all untill i told them i have a Japanese address cause i am studying japanese there.

    Whats the catch of these things?


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    I used one of these in my last build. It was a pretty good unit.

    I bought mine from the same seller...
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      i am thinking to get that or the T700. any comments?
      how is the built quality? Screen quality?
      Thanks for answering!


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        myself and a mate got one each, i got the manual and he got the auto screen

        the manual one you can tilt and swivel any direction and the screen is readable quite off axis, also good at night when driving in dark areas, you can tilt the screen away from you to reduce glare

        the auto one, is fully auto, it comes out and thats pretty much it..

        the touch screens on both are good.

        you pay for what you get, build quality is ok, but could be better.
        tho from what i hear from people using the "expensive" brands build quality there isnt much better for twice the price.

        when installing it, use REALLY SHORT screws if the mounting screws go in past the casing they dig into the side of the screen and you cant eject it.

        I'm mostly still happy with mine after almost a year


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          I was looking at getting one too I'm glad people have responded to this post, rlly helpful, I was wondering if you guys could tell us if they got built in amps for the speakers? I know most lilliput and xenarc in-dash do. but it doesn't say on the listings, also what rezo do you guys run at 800x600 or 1024?

          Edit: Check these out I'm still considering them yes they are more expensive but they come with build in 4x45w amps (if your lazy and you dont want to install e separate amp unit)


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            im running mine in 800x600
            and its perfectly readable.

            1024x768 just gets too small to read

            i think the screen is native 800x600 (might be 800x480 i forget) but looks fine in 800x600.

            the one i have has no amp or speakers, its just a screen but does have 2 more video in's for backing cameras etc.

            ive read else where that most of the amps etc in the screens are very average sounding


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              I wanted one but after measuring out i realized that for my build it would have been a problem trying to eject the screen while the car was in gear, just not enough clearance.


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                probably good idea to sort out the car pc before you start driving