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Laptop LCD b0rked!

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  • Laptop LCD b0rked!

    Well after an 8-inch fall, while in the case, my 3 year old laptop display appeared not to work. This had happened before occaisionally, i would just open and close the lid a couple times and it would work. I discovered that the problem is not the image, but simply the backlight. I can see a faint image, and when i take it apart and shine a flashlight behind it you can see everything fine.

    When i unplug the white and pink connector cables, the display has no change. I am going to grab a multimeter and measure the voltage between the white and pink cables. What should I expect? I am trying to find out if the screen itself is bad or if the inverter board is messed up (i am hoping this is the case cuz i can simply get a new one)

    any thoughts?
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    When you take a flashlight and see the image your right and the display is ok and the backlight is bad. If you put a multimeter between the 2 leads from the backlight (the ones who run from the inverter) be carfull because the voltage is verry high (KV).
    And you don't want to tough that.!!!!!!!!!!!
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      the backlight invertor can run around 600-1000v (the one in my wife's laptop was 750). If you use an analog meter, the internal resistance of the meter will load the inverotr down some so you will not get a relaible measurement. But if you get anything at all (my wife's for example was around 450 with an anlog meter) the invertor will be good. You can now buy the lamps for about $10, I just replaced the one in my wife's laptop.