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Lilliput touchpad randomly de-calibrates

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  • Lilliput touchpad randomly de-calibrates

    Like the title says, my touchscreen will randomly (or so it seems) lose all calibration. I can then plug in a mouse and recalibrate it, or simply restart the pc and all is well again. No clue what could be the deal. I did a search and all I found was the USB power saving trick, but that is not the case with mine. Sometimes it goes for hours without problem, and sometimes 5 minutes. Oddly enough, it has happened the most recently in the morning or night when it was cooler out, but I am not sure that really matters.

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    Might be worth uninstalling and re-installing all drivers for it and see if it helps , or even look for an updated driver for it.
    I had a similar problem when i first got my screen and i have no idea what made it go away but i know i was playing about a lot with it at the time.


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      Anybody know where I can get the updated drivers? I went to lilliput's site and the link is broken.


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        1st post, 2nd bullet )


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          thanks! Don't know how I missed that.