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sharp LQ141X1LH23 pin out

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  • sharp LQ141X1LH23 pin out

    sharp LQ141X1LH23

    this panel is out of a toshiba techra laptop. I would like to use it as the display for my car pc. I know it is lvds by the 6 pairs of twisted wires and the 2 other wires in the connector. I haven't had any luck finding a pin out for this display. If anyone can help me out with a pin out diagram. I have the factory cable with connectors from the old laptop. Also the stock backlight inverter.

    Also need some input on which motherboards are prefered. I know I want a core duo, and lvds, This is going to be a full media setup. Most likely will be running a solid state hard drive with vista.
    Right now im leaning towards the msi motherboards. any suggestions is appreciated.

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    Firstly, you have to search what pins are the same.
    Then ground pins. It is easy, 0 Ohm to the metal rim. Then the power, it is usually on the side part of the connector.
    Then search the pairs: approx. 100 Ohms resistance is between them.
    No other pins you need.
    Usually, serially, after pairs there is ground.
    Pairs start (from the direction pin1) with minus (-)
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      thank you, i was just looking for a pin out of the lcd. google, yahoo, ect have turned up no search results. have only found replacement screens no data sheets or pin outs.


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        decided on motherboard today. Will be using msi gm965. Will be using the lvds interface. If anyone can help out with the pin outs and connector to use for this motherboard and the lcd mentioned. Sharp LQ141X1LH23 Or if anyone who is skilled in making lvds cables could make a plug and play lvds cable for this motherboard/ lcd combination. thanks


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          The documentation must mention a pinout of motherboard part.
          Find the power lines (5V and ground) of the LCD, and guess the lvds lines, if the power lines are attached correctly, you can NOT make it wrong by the misconnected lvds line. There are not too much variations. If the clk pair is on the right place, there is a displayed something, if the red is in place, there is picture. If the picture has strange colors, try to counterchange the - and + wire.

          The question of the cable is more difficult. Usually, at least on the motherboard side the connector is unique, so I think it is advisable to order one.
          If the connector on the motherboard is common, I suggest to build your own cable by using FTP or UTP cables (you need twisted pairs for a longer distance).
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            ok, now that I have the lcd infront of me, and im not at work.
            Thanks to another mp3car member I now have the pinout for the msi gm965 motherboard. Now with the lcd. I don't know anything about it other than it is 14.1", lvds interface, and has a resolution of 1024x768.
            It is a SHARP LQ141X1LH23.
            I can't find any information on this lcd. I don't know what the lvds voltage is, I don't know if its 8 bit, 12 bit, or 24 bit lvds.
            The connector has 6 pairs of twisted wires. and 2 wires that are dark blue in color that are not twisted.

            on the connector from left to right, the first pair of twisted wires is brown and red, orange and blue, brown and orange, brown and orange, brown and orange, brown and light blue. then the untwisted dark blue wires. the lcd connector has 14 wires in it. then there is the backlight inverter that has the conventional 7 wires. So if anyone can help i realy need a data sheet and pin out for this display. That way I can find out what lvds voltage the lcd is, what bit it is. ect.


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              Wire colors do not mean anything.
              If you are failed to get the pinout, suppose 3.3V
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                ok, tonight got curious and took out the multimeter and came up with this. I know wire colors do not mean anything, but this is all i know because this is all thats infront of me. from the back of the screen, with the lvds cable plugged into the lcd. from left to right. the first 2 wires are dark blue in color and are not twisted. when testing continuity to ground the first 2 wires had continuity to the lcd frame, so did the blue and red wires. so on the connector from left to right. pin number one being the furthest on the left. pin 1, 2, 11, and 12 had continuity to ground on the lcd metal frame. all other wires did not.
                now the next set of wires being twisted pairs. pins 3 and 4 the wires are twisted together and have 100.3 ohms between them. they are light blue for pin 3 and brown for pin 4. next twisted pair is pins 5 orange and pin 6 brown have 100.2 ohms between them. next pair of twisted pairs pins 7 orange and pin 8 brown have 100.5 ohms between them. next set of twisted pairs, pins 9 orange and pin 10 brown have 100.7 ohms between them.

                now this is confusing to me, pins 11 blue and pin 12 have continuity to ground. but pin 11 blue wire is twisted with pin 13 orange wire. and pin 12 red wire is twisted with pin 14 brown wire. there is no resistance between any of these wires. there is 0 ohms resistance between pins 13 orange wire and pin 14 brown wire.

                since I can not find a schematic or data sheet for this lcd. this is all I know right now. It seems this is an 18 bit lvds display, and most sharp lcds are 3.3v lvds interface.

                if anyone can help me interface this display with the msi gm965 motherboard it would be greatly appreciated.
                here is the manual pdf.
                the lvds is in section 2-15.

                I don't understand the pin out for the motherboard, like what connections are what and how to interface the lcd.
                I have a good understanding with electronics, but lvds is something new to me that i would like to learn and use in my car pc.
                Thanks in advance.
                Steve Mardell


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                  Regarding your data, it seems a reverse pin order.
                  In your system:
                  13,14 power 3.3V
                  11,12 GND
                  9,10 clk-+
                  7,8 data3-+
                  5,6 data2-+
                  3,4 data1-+
                  1,2 gnd

                  On the side of the motherboard:
                  la_data pairs to the data pairs of lcd
                  la_clk to the clk pairs of lcd

                  The motherboard could be able to drive also 2-channelled panels. I did not find any possibility to select anything in the BIOS in the pdf you attached.
                  I think at least you have to be enable/disable the lvds function...and the panel size (I mean resolution).
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                    Thank you soo much, It took a couple of posts but I think ill be able to accomplish this now. Figured out why it seems like a reverse pin out. Because the connector on the lcd circuit board is upside down. It is soldered on the component side of the circuit board, which is then folded over the back pannel, thus flipping the connector and putting pin number one on the right and not the left. Looking at data sheets for the connector pin number one is designated by a little triangle pointing to pin number 1, so pin number one is on the right side of the connector when installed on the lcd. Sory if Im being a Pain, but just trying to get this right the first time. In the pdf for the motherboard, what pins do I connect the lcd power wires to? The motherboard has the ability to switch lvds voltages, ill have to put the jumper to the correct pins for 3.3v lvds.
                    I will be connecting lcd to motherboard like this. this is with the connector in its installed form with the backwards pin out. Pin 14 is actually pin number 1 on the lcd connector.

                    lcd pin. motherboard pin
                    1 Grnd blue............................. 6 Grnd
                    2 Grnd blue............................. 8 Grnd
                    3 Data 1 + Lt Blue...................... 20 LA_DATA1
                    4 Data 1 - Brn........................... 19 LA_DATA1#
                    5 Data 2 + Orn.......................... 22 LA_DATA2
                    6 Data 2 - Brn........................... 21 LA_DATA2#
                    7 Data 3 + Orn.......................... 26 LA_DATA3
                    8 Data 3 - Brn........................... 25 LA_DATA3#
                    9 Clk + Orn............................... 24 LA_CLK
                    10 Clk - Brn.............................. 23 LA_CLK#
                    11 Grnd Blu.............................. 16 Grnd
                    12 Grnd Red............................. 28 Grnd
                    13 Power Orn........................... ?????????
                    14 Power Brn........................... ?????????


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                      Power wires of the lcd (13,14?) to Pin7 (Vcc3/Vcc5 after setting the jumper to the 3.3V position!) of the motherboard lvds connector.

                      But contrary to my former post, the GNDs on the LCD must be connected to the Vdd_LCD on the motherboard lvds connector. I think it does not have significance, but it is more correct than chassis ground.

                      In other words, LCD has a standard connector.
                      Check it twice, before connecting! Especially power and GND.
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                        I can't even explain how thank full I am for this help. now do you know anything about backlight inverters. As I have the one that came with the lcd.
                        the backlight inverter harness is also pinned with the lvds cable from the laptop. there is a total of 7 wires. i know wire colors do no matter but this is what i have. Pin 1 is brown, 2 red, 3 orange, 4 blue, 5 purple, 6 yellow, 7 white.
                        Written on the inverter pcb is TAMURA YKCN86V-0 HBL-0207 E-P1-70860

                        looking at the connector and the pcb. the first 2 pins 1 and 2 are connected to the same trace on the circuit board. they also go to the F1 2A fuse. leads me to believe that these first 2 pins (1 brn, 2 red) are power. Are these 12V? next 2 pins (3 orn, 4 blu) are also connected together through a trace on the pcb.
                        I will need help identifying these wires and also help on where to connect them to the lvds connector on the motherboard.

                        eventually i will be trying to make a led backlight replacing the ccfl with tiny surface mount led's. but until then id like to get my screen lit and useable.


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                          You are right, those wires that are protected by a fuse are +. Very likely there is 12V power (connect to 1,2 on motherboard lvds conn). You can measure the GNDs also.
                          Other control cables are:

                          enable (usually goes to a base of an smd transistor or directly into an IC)

                          brightness (usually goes to a resistor and a capacitor to the ground and then into the IC)

                          Enable can be connected to l_bklten, brightness is to l_bkltctl.
                          I am unable to imagine what the seventh wire could it connected to anything?
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                            Originally posted by bbalazs View Post
                            I am unable to imagine what the seventh wire could it connected to anything?
                            Sometimes backlight inverters have an output to indicate a fault condition. Perhaps it is this?
                            Old Systems retired due to new car
                            New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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                              might have a slight problem, need some clarification. Found out the msi gm965 lvds interface is 24 bit dual channel, wil i have a problem running the lcd mentioned above. And how do i determine how many bits the lcd is? the lcd had 14 pins which have been figured out above.