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bios resolution change ???

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  • bios resolution change ???


    i have mazda 6 car pc monitor

    it is come with 800*600 resolution and i connect with pc

    it is not display bios screen why ???

    can i change the bios resolution or any sulotion 2 show bios boot screen with my monitor ???

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    Seems like you are doing a car pc project also let me know how it's going. I found the screen on ebay today

    Do you already have a screen? or are you still looking?
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      i have already monitor mazda 6 monitor with vga port and 3 Av Rca

      i set display setting in windows 800 X 600

      same my monitor vga resolution

      but still not show bios screen just show windows start screen ????


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        You can't change the BIOS screen.
        It's a text mode screen, usually 40 lines x 25 characters. Some BIOSes have an image or logo that is displayed instead of the diagnostic information.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          ok now what is the sulotion 2 show bios ??


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            noooo reply


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              press DEL or F2?
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                the bios can use and see only in big monitor 17 inch or more but in my 7 inch see only black screen same mint after see windows starting ......


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                  zo6om, i assume you are using a laptop as a carPC, all laptops by default will send the signal to the primary monitor, which is the one that is on your lappy.
                  here is how to have the bios send signal to VGA or DVI:
                  unplug all the power from the lappy, including battery.
                  take off the front cover on top, and disconnect the laptop's monitor.
                  take off the back cover and remove/unplug the little round battery.
                  your bios is now reset.
                  replace/plug the batery, connect your laptop battery, plug in the power, and your all set. VGA or DVI will be your primary video ports
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