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  • 14" Iiyama LCD

    I have this 14" Iiyama LCD i'd like to get in my car soon, I have a 230V->12V power inverter, but the monitor has a separate power supply and inside there are, among other things, are two quite big round blocks which says:

    INPUT: 100-240VAC~1.4A 50/60Hz Peak. 
    OUTPUT: 12V === 4.3A (5.16A)
    (The === is actually one long line on top, and dashed underneath)

    So i'm wondering if I can omit the power inverter, and hook up the car's 12V directly to the monitor? Since the monitors power supply seems to produce 12V, but I don't know if it is "the right" voltage type?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Stian Lindhom

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    The problem with hooking it directly to the car power supply is that the voltage in the car can vary, between 9-10 v when cranking the engine, and upto 14v when running. This would put it outside the operating range for the monitor.

    If you can find a circut that can take the cars input voltage and output a regulated 12v supply. The other thing you need to notice is the amps rating that the monitor will draw. 4.3A is quite alot, and i dont think it would run off of most atx power supplies.
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      Yes it does use 12vdc but your 2 problems are this.

      1. You need the 12volts to be regulated, ie you can use voltage regulators but DONT hook it directly to your battery (it can fluctuate from 10volts all the way to 14.4volts)

      2. If i remember correctly your post said 4.3A which is quite alot of juice to supply using standard voltage regulators, you will need several of em hooked up together with some pretty good heat sinking. Thats a cheap way or you could get yourself a 12volt regulated power supply they sell in CB shops that may do the trick, make sure it supplies the right amperage though.


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        hees a link to 13$ voltage regulator made by linear technology outputs 12vdc at 7.5A and requires only a heatsink to connect no external feedback circuitry needed. just three pins :

        here ya go


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          MP3Van2003...that link doesn't work. Also are you sure that it is a voltage regulator that can supply 7Amps...only for $13. What is the input voltage range? And can you find that link again and post it.


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            try this one

            if that dont werk it is at
            part number LT1083CP-12-ND