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Securing LCD controller to back of LCD...

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  • Securing LCD controller to back of LCD...

    Ok, so I have a BMW E46 bezel and a CarTFT 7" TMR screen. I had to remove the LCD housing in order to mount it to the bezel. My question now is: How should I attach the LCD circuit boards to the back of the LCD screen? Is there some sort of special glue that I can use on the boards that won't effect the board itself? Would hot glue ruin anything?

    I will get pics up when I get a chance to take some.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hot glue is perfect. The melting point is quite low. Keep away from electrolythic capacitors.
    I also suggest two-sided foamy self-adhesive tape.
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      I use 3m permanent double sided foam tape. It's held the controller on the back of my lcd for over 2 years


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        Thanks for the feedback guys...I'm guessing they sell this tape at Home Depot?


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          I would imagine they'd sell it home depot. I got mine from walmart (I think they sell larger rolls in the automotive section)