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B9004 Navi/mp3/dvd LCD Touch Screen Cracked/Broken. (Toyota Rav4 audio/navi system)

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  • B9004 Navi/mp3/dvd LCD Touch Screen Cracked/Broken. (Toyota Rav4 audio/navi system)

    I found the forum with google and I hope that someone can help me with some information about the recent problem I have.
    I wrote in few Toyota forums but still no solution.

    I have Toyota RAV4 DCAT 2006 with B9004 Navi Touch Screen \CD-DVD\

    I broke the LCD Touch Screen by accident and I wonder if there is any chance to find such a screen \onlye the touch panel, not the monitor\ so I can replace it.

    Here are some photos of the problem

    Everything is working fine \music and bluetooth\ except the touch screen and I can't navigate anything.

    I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and I bought the car from Germany.

    I called Toyota Bulgaria but they told me that they can only change the whole device which is EUR 4000 , something impossible as a price for me, it is like almost a whole new car...

    As I see the screen is attached with screws so in my opinion maybe it's possible to be changed but I'm not an expert.

    Does anyone had this problem or know where I can ask/call/write for some help/assistance.
    Or if there is some auto morgue for parts,... anything... please.

    I went in one of the biggest audio electronics car services here is Sofia... \I went to them for the car alarm when I bought the car\
    They were very kind and one of the technicians took his screw driver and demontage the system \the whole box\ so that I can see what is written on the back.
    Here is the text and a quick photo from my phone :


    Toyota 8612-42240
    86 113 - 60V410
    FWSA 000 694


    Serial 500694
    Type EA05A1
    Ref. No CQ-XS 0570A

    Matsu****a Electric Industrials Co

    which my friends found out leads to Mexico...


    I called to Mexico but htey told me they make only the interfaces and can't help me.

    We took apart the whole system device. It was a big adventure for me with all the different tools and screws
    Two of my friends (They are computer/electronics circuit specialists)... came and finaly we took apart the touch screen.
    The screen it self \the monitor\ is just fine.
    Unfortunately my Nokia E51 is not very good with the photos in the dark .
    This is the touch screen. We will look to find such one. Unfortunately there is not written any number or anything on it.

    I also called few time Aisin which has some representative in Belgium

    Unfortunatelly the all 3 days I'm calling they only put me on hold to wait for 10 minutes and there is nobody answering, so till now no contact with them.

    Please if somebody has an idea where I can find such a touch screen to buy and if anyone has experience with it or know something about calibrating or anything... please write me for some advice.

    Thank you very much in advance.