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  • Lilliput 619 Cables

    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased a Lilliput 619 touchscreen lcd. It came with 2 cables. One cable plugs into the monitor, the other cable plugs into the computer and then you're supposed to plug the 2 cables together. The only problem is where the cables attach to each other one end is a 9-pin male din and the other is a 10-pin male din.

    Unless I'm missing something... I think I got the wrong cables. Can anybody please shed some light on this? Also does anybody know whether or not I can just splice them together or make my own connectors?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Lilliput 619 Cables



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      I have the same screen, however mine connects nicely. Could you provide some pics? I am not sure if you can splice them together if they are the wrong cables. Did you buy this monitor used? Or off Ebay? Because if so I am thinking that might make it harder for you to get a new replacement cable. Check out this link, this place has a lot of Lilliput replacement parts for a low price. . Hope that kind of helps, and again send some pics so we can see just what you are talking about.

      Take care and good luck.



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        Lilli Cables


        Thanks for the response. Here are some photos. According to the manual I am supposed to connect the barrel plug (9 pin male) in the first picture to the barrel plug (10 pin male) in the second picture... That doesn't seem right.


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          Lilliput Cables

          Does anybody know how to splice these cables?


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            Wrong Cables

            It seems the supplier sent me the cables for the 629. They said they'd ship me the right cables right away.