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  • Xenarc VGA or Composite

    Alright, i am looking to purchase a LCD monitor for my mp3-car-pc setup. After looking around on the web i feel that Xenarc is the way to go. But once i saw the price difference between VGA and Composite i ran into another wall...

    How much better is the VGA model than the Composite?
    Is the Xenarc 700V and the Xencar 700Y the same LCD screen and just a different type of connection from the computer to the monitor, or is the 700Y have a lot better screen. Also is it really worth the extra for VGA, and can you even buy a VGA cable thats 15 feet long?

    Also i am still stuck between touchscreen and keyboard/mouse. I think the touchscreen is a lot more pratical for an in-car application, but Xenarc doesn't make a touchscreen model with the composite input do they?

    And one last question, if i went with the 700V can the computer still startup without a VGA connection?

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    If you can afford it, everyone will agree that VGA is better than composite or s-video. Period.

    Unfortunately, very few people can afford it. If you just plan on using it for MP3's though, it doesn't make much sense.

    As far as touchscreen goes, while nice, most people don't want to pay the money and a remote keypad works well for cheap money...



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      Go with xenarc with ultra bright option. it's will worth.
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        My plan was to also have a DVD-ROM connected to play movies, and i wanted the visulaization effects from winamp to look as good as possible so i might just save my pennies and get the 700TSY model.

        About the untrabright option, how much more is it, and i have a dark car, black inside with tinted windows. what does 200 nits of brightness translate to in cd/m ?


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          Good questions, GTPmp3PC, and I'm interested in the answers too! I want a Xenarc to run off the LVDS connector on the EpiaM mobo, but until they actually produce the connector & daughter board, and I get my Xenarc from Armen (see other Xenarc posts) and rip it open, I'm in the dark. My assumption is that the VGA and the non-VGA Xenarcs are the same LCD modules, inverters etc. but that the VGA has a different controller board. My hope is that even the non-VGA controller board will have LVDS connectors.

          If anyone has ripped apart a Xenarc and can comment on this I'd be very grateful...