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Please help! Noob looking for way to power LCD

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  • Please help! Noob looking for way to power LCD

    Hey, I have been lurking around for a couple years on the fabrication thread. I have been searching for a few days to try and help myself, but every answer that I find is too advanced or technical for my understanding right now. I have a project going on right now and I am hoping someone might be able to help:

    I am going to add a rearview camera to my truck, and I wanted to use an LCD for the display. The monitor will only be used for the camera, no DVD/carputer/etc (at least not now!).
    So, my question is, is there a monitor out there that can be hard wired at all? I noticed most of them have power buttons on the bezel itself. I would like to eliminate all the buttons and use a rocker switch to turn the monitor on and off, and if possible, have the monitor triggered on when my truck goes into reverse.
    So basically I can drive with the camera/monitor on when a switch is on, or, the monitor will come on everytime my truck goes into reverse.

    Again, I do not know how these monitors are powered exactly, and if they can be automatically triggered like this. Screen size can be no bigger than 6.5" due to my application which I am sure will make it harder to find one.

    Also, if anyone knows of a monitor out there that will work for me, please send me the link! Sorry to rant on so much, just tryin to give as much info as I can to help you guys help me! Thanks for any info..