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Help. Lilliput 619. white screen/rainbow vertical lines.

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  • Help. Lilliput 619. white screen/rainbow vertical lines.

    hello im having an issue with my lilliput. no matter what i cannot get a different screen then what is pictured. its a white screen with rainbow lines and in the background you can make out the Jurassic park symbol? (you cant see that in the pics really) i've had this issue before and all i had to do was correctly place the big ribbon for the lcd... but i have tried to reset it multiple times and it doesn't change at all. i've even tried wiggling it while powered on and it makes no sign of it being the problem. i've looked for burn marks and de-soldered joints but havent found anything. anyone have any ideas as to the culprit?

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    well after playing with it for awhile... the problem lies with the ribbon on the lcd side, not the board side. now i cant see that theres any damage to the ribbon so im guessing something is bad within the clip? this is driving me nuts. should i buy a new ribbon anyways just to rule it out? or has other people had this issue on the lcd side?