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Lilliput vs Xwnarc Revisited

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  • Lilliput vs Xwnarc Revisited

    Ok with the latest 2008 versions of the touch monitors, which would you chose and why? I have heard of some reliability issues with the lilli 719s but this just may have been a vocal few.

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    Lilliputs require regulated 12v power. Xenarcs do not.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      The only advantage that the Xenarc has over the Lilliput is that they have the option to auto switch to a video source, that's it.

      I have used both and I use the Lilliput now since it's cheaper and it can be upgraded to be Transflective. I connect the power to my screen directly to my power supply inside the carpc, don't need anything regulated.


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        Ok so Lillis don't have the ability to auto switch to an NTSC input for say a backup camera? That's good to know. Is there a hack to change the input via a button press or do most people do it manually?


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          When the new Lillis came out, everyone stated that it was possible, but I have the screen and know for a fact that it doesn't have this feature.

          What I have done to make this work is connected an ON/OFF switch to the button that switches between sources, so if I ever need the back up camera, I can switch to the source with the press of a button. It was nice when I had the Xenarc because the camera would come on and the source would be switched as soon as you put the car in reverse.

          But for most people this will not matter since not that many use a backup camera.