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  • Need a cheap display

    Hello everyone.

    I just discovered this forum and I am happy to see that I am not the only one trying to merge a PC and a car together!

    The point of this topic is that I would like to have a cheap display between 4" and 7" to hook up to my Nokia N95 which has a TV-out outlet. I want to use it as a bigger display of the phone for watching videos or gaming in the airplane and for in car GPS navigation. The problem is that the 2.8" display of the N95 is small and if I put it closer to me in the car the roof won't let the phone get any GPS signal.

    I have tought about buying a simple portable TV but most of them don't have a line-in for video. I considered a digital photo frame but most don't play video and they all have that framing around it that serves nothing and takes a lot of "real estate" in the dash board. Some portable DVD players have good line-in features but are a bit bulky.

    Are there displays capable on working with bateries? Do they usually come with a mount of any kind?

    If you know of a good deal please let me know.

    Thank you for your help.

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    By a 7" LCD TV that is designed to use in a car and so it is not too sensitive to the fluctuations in voltage. Most of them also has an AV-input. And, of course, there is a 'mount' in the package.
    Regarding the low resolution (1440x234 is just the commercial res., 480x234 more like), you have to use large fonts.
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      Thanks for you reply.

      What brand / model would you recomend? Do you know about one for sale at a reasonable price?


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        I think it depends on your budget. Because you will use it as a display, it is better do not take care about the TV features.
        You have to know, these are controlling the brightness by making the display itself darker and do not operate with the brightness. Therefore night drive could be disturbed by the (relative) strong enlightment.

        But do not peep into the internals, my LCD TV internal is like drunken apprentices would have soldered... terrible. But is is working...
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