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30% off Ebay. Just purchased my transfletive Touchscreen.

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  • 30% off Ebay. Just purchased my transfletive Touchscreen.

    Hi everyone, just like to share with everyone this rebate deal. I thought this would help make those transflective screen more affordable. Sorry, I don't know where is the best place to place this, since I use this to purchase a touchscreen, I decided to post it here.

    Anyway, you can get 30% rebate through if you make a purchase in ebay and pay using Paypal. What you have to do is:

    1. go to and do a seach on whatever you want to purchase. (for example "liliput")
    2. On the top of the search result page click on the ebay link, it shoud say something like "Buy Liliput. You may get 30% off with PayPal if eligible."
    3. Then do a "buy it now" purchase in ebay. (it should tell you how much rebate you will receive before you complete the purchase).

    I just purchased a Transflective screen using that, and shoud be receiving $179 rebate in about 60 days (at least that's what it says when I check out). will be around $420 after rebate.

    By the way, I am pretty new at this whole carputer thing. I am planning to install one in my Mazda, I've been reading the post here and decided that I would go with transflective screen (might as well go all out). The transflective touchscreen that I've purchase is based on Lilliput EBY701. I think the dimension will work out the best for my car. However, I didn't see much information on this particular transflective model in the forum (only the none transflective one). I've contacted the seller, and they told me this is a new item that they just received a week ago. If someone else is in the Los Angeles area and have another Transflective screen, maybe we can get together take some pictures and do some comparison.

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    Nope, I dont see anything =(


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      A LOT of people are having huge problems with this.

      I wouldn't recommend relying on this .
      My 2007 Yukon XL setup.


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        That's strange, It is still showing I can get 30% rebate. Let me capture my screen:

        Use to search, then click on the link on top of you search result.

        During check out in ebay, it will show how much you will get cashback:

        I'm sure this works. Few months ago my friend bought a xbox360 with's cash back promotion and he said he just received the rebate recently, but back then it was 25%.


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          really don't think (Microsoft) and Ebay would scam everyone.


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            How the hell can they afford it???


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              All you're doing is searching Ebay for Lilliput screens. Microsoft isn't associated in this transaction in any way, shape, or form. You simply used their search engine to locate an EBay seller and through whatever partnership they have with EBay, they're tossing you a discount.

              Whether or not you're getting a true transflective screen is in question. I sincerely doubt it, but I could be wrong.

              Now, the issue I have with buying som specialized piece of electronics fom Ebay is support. Suppose you have problems with your new purchase. How easily are you going to get repairs under warranty?
              Worse yet, what if it arrives DoA? Are you going to be able to get a replacement?

              I don't care how good someone's EBay rating is, this is not a transaction I would get into. You may feel more confident in the seller and whatnot. If so, go forth and save some money up front. Personally, I'll pay more to purchase from a vendor that is known to be reputable and will give me recourse in the event of problems.

              Good luck.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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                So far so good for me. The seller was close to where I live, so I already picked up the screen. They said the warranty is 1 year, and they let me test it out before leaving. Also they took out a non-transflective version and let me check it out side by side under the sun. There was a huge difference between the two. I can tell that the one I bought is not a regular touchscreen, but now thinking about it, how do I check if the screen is really "Transflective" and not TMR or something else? I've never seen a TMR screen or those high brightness ones in person. Are there any clues to look for to ensure that it is transflective?

                I'll try taking some pictures over the weekend (if I can find the damn charger to my camera) and post it here in the forum and see what everyone says.


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                  I did this with most of my stuff.
                  Got the Mocoso case w/ M2-ATX, d945gclf2, External USB, all from mocoso ebay store using cashback.
                  Then the 250gb HDD from techwave.
                  Also got the GL701 as well from Carmate, but I returned it for refund since it would not fit correctly in my vehicle. I hope they refund me some other other way so MS wont see it


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                    Originally posted by SolPeefive View Post
                    Are there any clues to look for to ensure that it is transflective?
                    Browse to the brand's website, search for your model and look at the specs .... ?


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                      I just picked up the atom 330 MB, the M4-ATX, and an 8" 859GL touchscreen from the-mobile-computing-solution Ebay store. I worked with these guys over the last couple of days and they were great to deal with, very prompt about getting back to me via email. They seem to have a good variety of stuff at some of the better prices and I think I read here the Lilliput's drop ship from the manufacturer, so hopefully my screen will be from the latest batch.

                      All told, I'm in about $340 for all of this after the MS cash back, not bad at all! I've all ready got a case, so after the hard drive purchase this should all be under 5 bills.

                      BTW, I had to click the the link about 20 times to get the banner to appear on Ebay, so this promo might be starting to end.


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                        Here is the ebay link:

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                          Ok, so, when does it tell you about the cash back? I searched, clicked on their 30% link and it just takes me to an eBay search... how can they tap back in once I'm securely signed into eBay to see how much they need to refund me? Pretty sweet deal! I wanna make this work! I have a bunch of stuff to get!!


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                            Make sure it says the Cashback logo on the top of the screen.
                            Also when you hit Buy it now, it will tell you how much the cash back is.
                            If it doesn't, go back to again then search for something else. Like Gold , then click on the Ebay link in the results, this should open ebay with whatever u searched for, then just search again for the item again in ebay search.