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EBY701 Transflective touchscreen

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  • EBY701 Transflective touchscreen

    Anyone have have any comparison for this with other transflective touchscreen? This is the first touchscreen I've ever purchased, so I've never seen another transflective touchscreen before. If anyone have any comparison pictures that would be great. Thanks

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    Here are 2 pictures I took today of the EBY701 Transflective screen. It is definately readable under sunlight. The screen came out darker in the picture comparing to looking at it with my own eyes. Like I said before, I've never owned another touchscreen so I really don't know how this stack up to anything else. I really wish I can do a side by side comparison with other screens, especially other transflective screens.

    Nonetheless, this screen is probably the best size/shape for my car without making any modification to the dash/bezel. Measuring ~7-5/8 inch x 4-1/2 inch (although still slightly wider and shorter than what I would have hoped). And I'm glad it doesn;t have that ugly gold lilliput logo.

    Anyway, so far so good. I'll play around with it more and possibly take some more pictures (maybe in my honda del sol with the roof off). I still think the price is pretty steep for a 7 inch screen, but comparing to other transflective/sun-light-readable screen it is still a hell of deal for under $450 (after cashback rebate).

    first picture: sunlight shining directly onto the screen through the front passenger side window.

    Second pic: Reflection off the dining room lights. Although the screen seems to be somewhat glossy, reflections tend to be diffused and with a pinkish tint.


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      Did you do this upgrade or are the EBY701's comming now with the Transflective upgrade?

      How much was it?
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        It probably came from Motor City Tech.

        I've been curious about that version myself. Looks good!


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          I paid around $450 for the screen off Ebay. That is after $180 cashback rebate from I am not sure if that rebate deal is still available right now, I haven't checked.

          The screen is not from Motorcity. I saw the Ebay auction for Motorcity and thought about purchasing that one since it is slightly cheaper. But I just absolutely hate the look of the 629 panel (the shape, the buttons, and the big ugly gold lilliput logo). I figured If I am gonna put some effort to put this in my car, I might as well go with one that looks good.

          My impression is that the screen is actually from Lilliput. I contacted the seller and it doesn't sound like they did the upgrade themselves. But then again, I can't find any information on lilliput's website. I haven't install it in my car (that will take some time and effort) but so far from testing under the sun, I am pretty happy with the visibility. Just glad that it is not the ugly 629.


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            Just checked on The rebate is still available, but is 25% now instead of 30%.


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              So you paid 600+ before the rebate?


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                Ya, I paid over 600. Just checked, 53 more days before getting the rebate.


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                  You can find them cheaper at a different place, but as cheap with the discount.


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                    Where? I didn't find it any where else when I was first looking for the touchscreen. I was looking at, but with the over sea shipping, it was still expensive.


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                      edit, you can find them cheaper then your initial purchase price price, but not as cheap as with your discount.