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7' Whardale lcd does not work with fx5500

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  • 7' Whardale lcd does not work with fx5500

    Can anyone help me please. I bought a WHLCD07 7' screen in SA. It is Wharfdale screen with resolution of 1440x600. I also have a Starsound ssdvd-9000 front loader in my car which works 100% with the screen. I build a carpc or testing. it has 1gb ram and a Nvidea FX5500 256MB graphics card. I can use the normal crt screen. I plug in the s-video connector and the software picks up that a tv is conected (lcd). But it does not show anything... When I try to do custom resolution with the nvidea control panel, it always fails.. Can anyone help me with this problem.


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    Have you set the video card's S-Video output as the primary output?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanx for the reply... I have done that without any success except hat I could not control my pc from the main crt monitor. I tried all the settings from clonning to individual screen setups.... How can I find out all the specs on the monitor?. Is there a program that can tell me this even if it canot display on the screen?...


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        1440*600 uh? sounds like a 480*600 to me.
        Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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          Wharfedale Car 7 LCD WHLCD7

          In Car 7" LCD

          Resolution 1440x600
          Dash Mount Stand
          PAL/NTSC System
          Full Function Remote Control


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            Yeah, if it is svideo input, then there is no way that it is really 1440x600.
            Probably they are using the lie that most car LCD manufacturers use in listing resolution by sub-pixel count - ohhhh there's red, green and blue in each pixel, so thats 3 X 480 = 1440.



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              Thanx Dean.. So what will it be then 480x200 ?.