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Did I screw it up?

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  • Did I screw it up?

    Yesterday I had my in-dash Liliput 7" powered up on my bench, forgetting how to power it up I hooked up the power from a PC PSU, 12v to 12v, grounds to grounds, and ACC to the red wire.

    I powered up the PC and everything was working fine...and everything worked for hours.

    Then someone nudge the bench, the ACC cable came loose and the monitor shut itself down.

    Having reminded myself how the monitor should have been powered, I disconnected everything, re-connected, powered up the PC and I get nothing from the monitor. If I re-wire up the ACC cable, I get the clock show on the built-in LED display, but the monitor won't flip up and the power light isn't lit up.

    Is it a goner?
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