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Xenarc USB problem

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  • Xenarc USB problem

    Ok, I know Ive seen several threads about GPS not wanting to work after coming out of hibernation but what about the usb for the touchscreen. Every couple times coming out of hibernation I have to un-plug then replug it up. Kinda getting annoying and good way to fix this?

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    One thing to note is the USB hub is not on 12v(It has the option but I gotta find the adapter), its just running straight off of USB so I will try this tomorrow. On another note, the times that the touchscreen doesn't work you will head the disconect sound once the welcome screen comes up so I don't know If that means anything or not.


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      Try the touchscreen connected to a USB port on the motherboard instead of the hub, powered or otherwise.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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