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help with flickering lilliput 701 touchscreen in dash

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  • help with flickering lilliput 701 touchscreen in dash

    i have a car pc with lilliput 701 vga touchscreen in dash
    and i have a flickering problem (when the car is on or off its the same)

    - refresh rate is set to 72Hz.
    - the length of the vga cable is 5 meters.
    - (+) power cable is passing next to the vga cable from the battery (+fuse) to the power supply.

    what can cause this problem?

    what i need to check ?

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    If the display is using a CCFL backlight, it could be that it's cold

    Edit: It could be that your power cable is near your VGA cable as well.
    03 Accord Sedan CarPC


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      Try moving the power line away from VGA cable. There may be special concerns about how shielded is this vga cable
      Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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        i verified that the problem is not on vga
        using a 12v 1.4amp battery connected to the acc and the battery
        the screen looks good without any flickering so the problem must be
        unstable (+) ..
        im sure im not the first one with this problem
        what do you think i need to check \ do ?


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          If I understand, your puter is in the trunck so there's a 5 meter vga/usb/... cable. But how's your screen powered?

          Direct from the batt with a short cable (batt->fuse->(POL)->screen) ? or from your carputer's PSU (Batt -(5m)-> psu -(5 m)-> Screen ?

          Where is your scren grounded ? What are the +,- cables gauge ?
          Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p