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16:9 Resolution?

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  • 16:9 Resolution?

    I have a 7" Lilliput widescreen. What resolution do my videos need to be encoded in so that they display at a 16:9 resolution? I currently run my screen in 800x600 resolution because that is the resolution that the RR skin I use works best.

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    Here, a bit of simple math does the trick. Simply divide the first number by second. Example:

    4:3 works out to 1.333
    16:9 works out to 1.777

    Most ripping software will give you options for resolution, which should have the result of this calculation beside it. I use DVDFab Platinum, which does this for you. Example of options in DVDFab.....

    (640x360) 1.777
    (320x240) 1.333

    So technically, if you want to rip a true 16:9 movie, you would want to rip it at 640x360. Remember, however, that some player software can compensate for such things, sometimes incorrectly. WinAmp, for example, can be set to maintain a specific aspect ratio (4:3 or what have you) or can be left to let the file play at it's own internally coded aspect ratio. I am still experimenting with some of this, but I have figured out that aspect ratio directly determines optimum resolution. Also, keep in mind that just because a movie says widescreen doesn't necessarily mean that it is 16:9. I have a couple that were actually 4:3, and DVDFab told on them.

    I have actually had to rip 16:9 movies at 4:3 for 320x240 resolution before they would look right. Weird.