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Opinion on some monitors, and a few questions about TFT's.

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  • Opinion on some monitors, and a few questions about TFT's.

    I've been weighing my options for LCD's recently and I made up a comparison sheet for the top monitors that I may choose. [HL]I don't really plan on incorporating a backup cam[/HL] right now as I drive a coupe, but I guess if money was floating around...I may in the future.

    I'm kind of leaning towards the LinITX LIN70HTPC due to its 600NIT/Decent contrast ratio @ about $370. [HL]There is one question it 4 or 5 wire transitive monitor?[/HL] I'll email their support, but I figure this board is full of knowledge. CarTFT also makes an almost identical model, and I guess that question would relate to it as well.

    While I have the topic open.
    Would I be better off going with the
    [HL]LinITX @ $370/600NIT[/HL]

    [HL]Xenarc 706TSA @ $470/650NIT/300:1
    Xenarc 700TSV @ $370/500NIT/400:1[/HL]

    [HL]Lilliput 629(2008 LED) @ $250/300NIT[/HL]

    I have also noticed that the screens are either [HL]4 or 5 wire transitive[/HL]. I have heard that 5 wire is obviously better. With that said, [HL]is this a huge difference in performance?[/HL] As this would help make up my mind about the 629 & LinITX monitors. I'm willing to pay a bit extra to get 5 wire if it makes that much of a difference.

    My final question: [HL]Backlight CCFL or LED?[/HL] I have read that CCFL can withstand around 0 degrees F. However, LED doesn't need a warm-up period while there is an air of caution w/ CCFL in the cold.
    The only LED I noticed was the Lilliput, but the specs don't really stand out. Are there any other monitors out there, or should I give CCFL a shot?

    I'm Really considering the LinITX due to its brightness vs cost. However, I'm afraid the contrast will hurt the unit. Any experience with this?

    This brings me down to the Xenarc. [HL]Is the 706TSA worth the extra $100[/HL], especially with that [HL]external [/HL]connections [HL]box[/HL]? I plan on putting this whole unit into a double din case. the [HL]700TSV has a lower NIT, but better contrast ratio @ $100 less.[/HL]

    Or the [HL]Lilliput[/HL] @ a fraction of the cost. However, even though its [HL]LED backlit[/HL]...I have seen 300NIT as it's spec. I'd rather spend a bit of $ and get a brighter screen.
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    spend a little more and get the 629 Transflective. It will be better then all the options listed.


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      Personally, I have the newer Lilliput 629 that's LED backlit. I can tell you that it's much brighter than earlier 629's that were CCFL lit. I can honestly say the only time I truly have trouble seeing the screen is when the sun is directly on it. The 4 wire resistive TS seems to be more than accurate enough for my use. It seems you are a little concerned about price, so I'd suggest the Lilliput. Keep in mind, I've only used the 629 but I couldn't bee happier.
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        Yeah, I am a bit concerned with the price. I had originally wanted to stay under $250. But, if the screen is right an extra hundred isn't awful. I probably wouldn't need to replace it in a year. However, I couldn't justify $550-$600 on transflective. I completely agree that it's worth the cost, but I just can't fit that into the budget.

        Thanks for the quick replies gang. Looking forward to the rest!
        Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

        2002 Mustang CarPC


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          the 550-600 price includes the screen. So, for the transflective option you're only paying around 350+ dollars extra. Save the 100 dollars that the other screens are extra and the options would only be 250+ extra.

          Get the 629, then later upgrade it to transflective.


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            Hmm...damn these options. I do like that idea fabworks. That would be the best of both worlds.

            Does anyone have comparison shots of the xenarc vs transflective 629? I'm still kind of afraid that the 629 isn't going to be as bright as some of the other screens.

            Thanks a ton for the replies, I'm definitely going to look into the screen upgrades.
            Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

            2002 Mustang CarPC


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              Transflective is the best option out there right now. I have the 629 Tranflective and nothing matches it. It almost seems to get brighter when the sun hits it. The problem with the other screens that use the oem touch screen it's that the touch screen acts as a mirror and reflects light. This makes a lot of glare especially in sunny situations and when wearing light clothing, etc. The transflective almost gets rid of this. I would say that it gets rid of glare 95%.


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                This is very close to my own considerations currently. And as I will have to order from abroad, either UK or US, I got to get it right the first time!

                I too am a little confused about the balance between strength of backlight and contrast ratio in real life scenarios.

                After all, it's more important to be able to see the map you'r navigating from, than the final precision in colors (afterall, it's not a Photoshop display anyway).


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                  Transflective is the way to go if you want to see the screen in all lighting conditions.


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                    Thanks. It is the expected and safe bet with transflective.

                    I have maybe been hoping that the LED or high NIT models would cut it in a Subaru Legacy Diesel in Denmark (not too much sun too often). It is not so exposed to direct sunlight. I don't have a sunroof, and the interior is black.

                    Oh well - I reckon price and quality is related as always...


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                      I would avoid the LinITX transflective. Mine was defective. It flickered, and just looked utterly terrible.

                      I had to pay $150 to ship it back to the UK (the cheapest I could find to get it sent back,) and then they told me nothing was wrong with it. I cut my losses and got a refund. Still, I lost nearly the price of a cheap VGA display. I definitely don't recommend buying overseas. If I had known what trouble LinITX would be, I would have definitely spenet the $100 extra and gone with

                      On that same note, do Transflective displays look noticably CRAPPIER than normal displays? This one looked dull, not bright, colors were AWFUL, and the touch screen seemed to cause a glare... and I never even took it outside...


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                        Transflective screens look much much more better and crispier then a regular screen. The touchscreen will not provide any glare at all. I had one person mention that the screen actually got brighter the more sun it received.


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                          I would suggest the Xenarc 700TSV however I have not had the opportunity to use a transflective because of the price. The Xenarc is viewable in the bright sun with the brightness turned up to max (99) and I have zero problems seeing it so I see no point in moving to a transflective. This would save you a lot of money and should work fine. Plus it is 5 wire which basically means touches are more accurate (whoopty) but also it allows for more touches over its lifetime. Tochscreens are rated at a finite number of touches over their life so watch that. Also it is CCFL which you mentioned works down to 0 celsius but I've had mine in Calgary for 2 winters and the screen fired up at -40 celsius (12 degrees fahrenheight) without any problems at all. I also had it in Atlanta last summer in the same car and it fired up at 40-45 celsius without issues, it's bulletproof. I couldn't touch the screen because it burned my fingers but it worked.
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                            How do those $299 LED models compare to the Transflective screens?

                            I got so burned on the transflective that I don't know if I can muster up the courage to buy a $600-$700 unit again. $300 is much more reasonable, even if I lose it in DIRECT sunlight, (even my OLED Pioneer does that.)

                            The store notes say that the LED models offer a higher brightness... hrm...


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                              The Lilliput 629 LED backlit is much brighter and can be seen fairly well in sunlight. The issue is when direct sunlight hits it, it basically becomes unreadable. The same thing will happen when light colored clothing or such is in direct view of the screen.

                              I thought that aftermarket systems didn't have this, but I checked and they are the same thing, so you should expect the same results.

                              What screen do you have right now?