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  • vga cable touch screen

    right guys iv got my screen

    this is it. some cheap chinese thing. it had a few cables with it , one is like a s-video output to phono which fits in the back on the two slots av or vga. from there i put it into pc by a nvidia phono adapter and the picture quality was so bad i couldnt see anything.

    il try get a picture of the setup and if somebody could tell me what cable i need as i think im using the wrong one
    here is a folder of my pictures, the cables i use. if you can see why the picture quality so bad id appreciate it

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    the eBay link didn't work so I can only see your pictures. unless you left a picture out, it would appear that the monitor doesn't have a VGA input, one cable has a composite input, S-video input, and component inputs. the other cable has three RCA connectors (either an A/V input or an A/V output). is there a third cable with a VGA input?

    if it has no VGA input then the picture will look like crap no matter how you hook it up. of the available inputs, component would have the best picture but its unlikely that your video card would have a component video output. S-video is the next best, and composite is the worst. you can use them for a front end, but they are all incapable of displaying the small text that normal PC programs use.

    I also assume there is no touchscreen on that monitor? what will you be using as your input source (mouse, trackball, touchpad, etc)?
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      on the picture DSC00902.JPG the vga text cant be seen as the flash sorry my bad. its the one on the left the one next to the dc input. its the same as the av connection, i tried an S-VIDEO cable and it wouldnt go in the hole

      also it is touchscreen and here is link

      also found this which may be useful


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        think this is what i need? can u guys clarify


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          That cable does not convert signals. It is for special PC video cards that have S-Video signals on some of the unused pins of the VGA connector. It does not work the other way, and will not work with your monitor. Your best bet is component input. Some graphics cards can output this via a breakout adapter, much like the one you showed a picture of (the one with the black boxy thing). Other than that, s-video or composite are your only options.

          Good Luck.
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            Fusion is correct, if you are connecting that device as a PC monitor, the picture will look like crap no matter how you hook it up because it's not a VGA unit.
            Stay away from those screens that have an S-Video output to a VGA adapter if you plan on reading standard sized text.
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              there is vga port !!! its where the flash is, you cant see it! its 8 pin vga

              anways so if i used that cable id have to convert the signals still?


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                Originally posted by topman View Post
                there is vga port !!! its where the flash is, you cant see it! its 8 pin vga

                anways so if i used that cable id have to convert the signals still?
                if you open the case, you might able to identify the lines... there should be 5 to work: vertical and horizontal sync, green, red and blue signal. if you are lucky, you can identify them by tracking the lines on the PCB then compare it to the docs of the chips on the board. or i hope - nothing bad will happen ( gurus please confirm it ) if you try to connect this 5 pin randomly!
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