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In-dash flip screen with radio

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  • In-dash flip screen with radio

    Good Evening,
    I've changed my perspective a bit, and I have decided to go the flip out route for an easier install/uninstall! I am looking for a flip out screen, single din would probably be the easiest. The biggest item is the screen has to have a built in radio and cd/dvd player. Thus reducing the wait time for tunes/media while the PC boots up.

    I've been looking at the CID700M on
    This seems to be the best bet so far for the price.

    Apparently the DWW version would be hard to obtain with the whole DWW disappearance. And the Xenarc all-in-one has some awful reviews.

    I just want to be sure I am not overlooking any items before I bite the bullet. The only thing I don't like about this screen is LED color(small tidbit, but i'm in the process of swapping all my interior LED's to red...this would clash a bit).

    Please provide any comments/suggestions on this product, or any others. I have searched alot, and most of the info on the CID700M is a little outdated. I hope there are people with a bit more insight...a few months later.

    Thanks so much! I would really like to purchase something by the end of the week!!

    Side Note:
    How would this screen work with a 4channel amp? It seems that it only has the amplified I overlooking some pre-amp outputs?

    Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

    2002 Mustang CarPC