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Xenarc 710tsv upside down or backwards or both

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  • Xenarc 710tsv upside down or backwards or both

    This is driving me nuts. After months of consistent performance, now it seems like every other time I get into the car I get a new screen orientation. On the way home from work today it was backwards. Earlier this week it was upside-down and backwards. Before that it was just upside-down.

    Is there a way to tell this thing to quit being so creative and just stick to one orientation? It's driving me nuts.

    I'm running 800x640, if that matters. I've tried using different refresh rates - 70hz, 72hz, 75hz, but that hasn't made a difference. I'm using the VGA input, none of the other inputs are hooked up.

    I can sometimes get the proper orientation by turning it off and back on. Sometimes. Or I can get the orientation by tweaking the on-screen menu with the remote. But of course the next time I start the car, all bets are off.

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    This is driving me nuts. It'll be fine for a week and then flip out on me or, like today, it will compress the image to 3/4 of its usual width until I power-cycle the damn thing.

    Does anyone else / everyone else with Xenarcs have the same problem?

    Is Lilliput any better or worse in this regard?