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NEC Analog TFT (NL10276AC28-02) Question

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  • NEC Analog TFT (NL10276AC28-02) Question

    I got from e-bay, an excellent 14.1 NEC TFT for 40$!!

    This pannel has analog inputs. It needs R,G,B,HSync,VSync and CLOCK.
    I know for sure that it needs some kind of circuit (i hope simple) to be driven.
    I have 2 questions:
    1) The R/G/B/HS/VS signals, exists in the VGA standard. Can i use them directly????
    2) What a f**ck is the CLOCK signal???. How can i generate one???

    I know that there are 2 models. the NL10276AC28-02A which is my model, and NL10276AC28-02L which INCLUDES the CRT adapter that allow the pannel to be driven directly by a VGA.
    The only difference between them, is the CLOCK signal that is generated in the 02L by a PLL circuit.

    I also have a digitalview DS-1024 Controller.

    PLEEEEASE i need some help. Can i make this screen work without bying an expensive controller??

    Domo Aregato (Thanks)
    FIAT Multipla MP3/TFT 10.4

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    The CLOCK is the dot clock or pixel clock , as the name sugests it gets clocked every pixel by the host computer. I don't know of any vga cards that put out a dot clock as standard. Do a search for +"dot clock" -linux -xfree on google , if you find any diy stuff post it here.

    I have a similar lcd from nec ( I can't remember the number ) and it came with a small pcb that did all the hard work and osd as well. I will dig out the url of the firm that makes it , as I remember is was quite expensive though.



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      Dave again.

      Are you sure it's a you have the correct number on your digital view board ? I can't find it on their site. If you get me the details it may be possible to get it to recover the dot clock for your nec lcd. The RGB HS + VS will come from the vga connector on the pc.

      It would be a bit of a bodge but it should work.

      I am installing on my main machine so I can't get at that url right now. I will post it when windoze has finished installing.


      PS. now you know why is cost just $40 <SAD>


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        You are right. The digitalview controller is SV-1024.
        It has a CLK output. I tried to connect the R/G/B/H/V lines
        directly from VGA, to both the controller and the pannel.
        With this setup, the controller generates a CLK signal.
        But when i connect this signal to the CLK input, i see nothing but some random pixels
        FIAT Multipla MP3/TFT 10.4


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          Ok you are getting somthing on the screen. Check the specs on the ncr lcd , you need it's NATIVE resolution and refresh rate. ( the refresh MAY not be important)

          Set windows to the correct resolution with a crt monitor attached , then swap to the lcd/controller.

          If it don't work you may have to set-up the controller for the resolution you are using and/or the clock line may need to be inverted.
          Or it may be 3volt.
          Or the lcd may need 3volt and the controller gives 5volt.
          There are lots of reasons for it not to work , but give it a go.

          When you tried it , was it from within windows or from dos/post ?

          Without the correct controller I doubt that it can do anything but it's native resolution (prob'ly 1024 X 768).

          Let us know you get on.



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            I got a NEC Analog TFT (NL10276AC28-01) here what the controller look like . Here is a photo of the back of my display the controller in the center

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              Thanks allen.
              Yesterday i just got an NL10276AC24-something (12.1'' - i dont know the last 2 digits) from e-bay ( for $100

              It appears that it has the CRT adapter attached to the back of the lcd.
              I hope that it will fit to the larger and birghter NL10276AC28-02.

              BTW i think that the NEC lcds are much better than SHARP.
              FIAT Multipla MP3/TFT 10.4


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                That controller will work because my controller came from a 12.1 nec display . You got a good deal on both displays .

                Mp3 player - 10.4 Allbrite Gigabyte GA-71XEH , 700 mgz t-bird , coolmaster fan , 2x 128 ram + 1 512ram , ATI-RAEON RV100 ,on bd sound , Linksys Wireless-B usb network adapter , 20G IBM TRAVELSTAR