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Extending the rails on a Xenarc 700IDT

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  • Extending the rails on a Xenarc 700IDT

    I currently have a Xenarc 700IDT installed in my '04 Prius's map slot. This has the obvious disadvantage that the screen does not actually flip out properly unless it is installed about 2 inches forward of of the actual slot, making it stick out from the dash some and from the actual back of the map slot quite a lot. Works nicely though then it is out.

    The ribbon on my screen is acting up (I think due to Australian heat it's not quite in its slot properly) so in the near future I'll have to pull the dash apart and pull the screen out to fix it. When I do this though, I kind of want to fix my issues with the mechanical side of things in the screen - chiefly, I want to try and extend the travel so the screen comes right out from the housing so the rest can be flush mounted into my dash nicely.

    My question is has anyone done this? Looking at the rails and the like, it looks like what I need is to change the part which carries the screen to ride on a second set of rails which pull out from the first, and then probably do something to the spring mount to actually propel it forward enough. Has anyone had a crack at this though, and what parts did you use?