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Need a perfect solution.

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  • Need a perfect solution.

    The screen issue is my only hold back right now. I have a Nissan 240sx vert that its going in.

    Heres my dilemma. Some days I would like to jump in my car have my radio be instantly on and playing music then be able to switch to a car pc if i needed it that day. I dont want to have to wait a minute to hear music every time I get in the car in the morning.

    All the DVD head units do not have VGA. so outta luck right.

    Well I found a project that turns alpines headunits into touchscreens with the media hub, well darn that projects kinda labeled dead.

    SO does anyone have any suggestions for me. I am tempted to keep a headunit and mount a screen to but i dont like the not stock look that would give off.

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    This is the one I am looking at for the very same purpose. If you don't open acts just like a radio. It has a slot loading cd/dvd player that will play through the screen without the need for a PC. It will then act as a cd/dvd drive when the PC is turned on. The PC is viewed by switching the video source, and it has a backup-cam port with auto sensing I believe.

    Not a ton of reviews out, and I can't seem to find anything else like it. Let me know what you come across! I love the alpine idea, just a damn shame its dead
    Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

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      my problem is sound quality would be nothing worth while. I think I might get a single din screen and a single din alpine or something like that. So i could put the screen out for the car pc and i could still run all the audio to the headunit, and when I dont need the screen i can push it back in.

      I just wish they would make a good unit by alpine or pioneer that had vga in, good quality, no amplification, for a good price.