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resolution issue on 7" wharfedale

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  • resolution issue on 7" wharfedale

    HI. I got my 7" screen working from the NVidia FX5500 on the svideo connector. This is running on 800x600. I cannot change this resolution. My vertical is way out. If I go to device manager my second display is set t default display thus meaning I cannot change resolutions or even change the display driver to pnp as all the tabs are disabled. If I run the NVidia control pannel and try to set a custom resolution it fails even if I use the standard ones that the screen runs on at the moment. So if I test the screen with 800x600 it fails but it is running on that resolution at the moment. I tried 4:3 and 16:9 and different resolution settings with no fix. Am I doing anything wrong?. This is driving me up the wall now....


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    Ok.... I have changed my setup to a du core acer laptop. First time plugin to svideo and it works.......I am happy... Now I will do the button extention for standby mode and ish... see if I can uild a control to control the functions in cf via my radio remote control... Just playing around as I ordered a touchscreen that will arrive in two weeks!...