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Whats a good LCD Flipout?

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  • Whats a good LCD Flipout?

    Im looking for a LCD flipout screen, for my car. I plan on hooking it up to a computer and subs. I though id ask what have worked good for some of you.

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    bump for an answer


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      As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a good flipout VGA monitor. They all have their issues.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        like what? i just want something that can support a computer


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          For motorized flip-outs: Issues like plastic gears that strip. A lot of them have issues in cold temps, motors fail, and generally low build quality.

          There is one model that is known to use metal gears. I believe it known as the k301 or MTSVO-SC, but if memory serves it had a little trouble with the cold as well.

          There is a Xenarc flip-out NON motorized unit that I haven't heard to many bad things about. The 700IDT. Their new one, the motorized MDT-X7000 seems to be quite frustrating for most so far though: Slow interface, crappy audio, randomly dying forever, puffs of smoke, what have you.

          As you can see, the market for single din flip out vga screens leaves a lot to be desired, which is why I am opting for a stationary double din unit.

          Good Luck.
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            I'd have to recommend getting a stationary unit if you can fit it in your car. I have a 700IDT, and as you might note from my thread somewhere below I'm currently in the process of basically planning to overhaul most of the flipout mechanics to make it more usable, plus I've got to get in their anyway and reconnect the ribbon.

            Essentially, I wish I'd bought a stationary screen and built the flipout myself.


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              when you say stationary unit, do you mean molded into the dash. if thats what you mean i do not want that. plus i do not see myself flipping the screen in all that often. i have dark tints on the car and part at my house and at work 80 percent of the week


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                There are double DIN units which do not fold away is what I meant. Also the problem I've had with the 700IDT is that over time it seems to have started to rattle - like I said, I'm pulling mine out so I can overhaul and tighten everything up again.