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Caveat Emptor -- Buyer Beware!!

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  • Caveat Emptor -- Buyer Beware!!

    Hi all, just bought a Legacy LMR1750 -- got a great deal on it, have not installed yet, but everything appears to be in good order... However... the place I bought from, as well as many other distributors, specs the LMR1750 as having VGA Input, it does NOT have this.... According to Legacy's site, , it only has 2 Video inputs..... It has a proprietary connector similar to S-Video (but is NOT) and an adapter cable to allow two RCA type video connections with L and R RCA audio connections....

    I can still use this in my application, though not exactly as originally intended.... Fortunately I can convert my laptop's S-Video out to RCA.... it just doesn't look that good...

    Just wanted to let anyone know that is thinking of ordering one of these, they do NOT have VGA input as advertised.

    As an aside, does anyone think I should make the seller swap me out for a monitor that DOES have VGA Input for the same price? I think they should, it's their mistake.