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Lillput USB problems

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  • Lillput USB problems


    I have just got a secondhand lillput touchscreen that had no front plastic on it.
    The seller said it worked fine etc.
    First thing was I couldnt get the monitor to power up at all.
    So I thought, its knackered.
    So I decided to use just the touch screen USB part.
    It looks to me as if the USB does not connect to the montior board any where.
    There are 4 wires going to the USB board and the connection to the touch panel.
    I connected the following to a USB cable.

    RED from monitor USB to black on USB cable
    Black from monitor USB to RED on USB cable
    White from monitor to WHITE on USB cable
    YELLOW from monitor to YELLOW on USB cable.

    I downloaded from lillputs website the "Touchkit" software.
    But everytime I connect to my laptop running XP, windows just says says that the USB device isnt recognized or malfunctioned.
    Any ideas?