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  • Xenarc Disappointment

    So ive had the MDT-X7000 for nearly a year now. Ive sent it in once due to a faulty touchscreen/gears and had to pay to ship it there ($60). They replaced it with a new one and now a few months later the same issue happens, except the bezel broke in the process . I call and get them to pay shipping both ways, they told me theres a gear issue. So i sent it in. I called them yesterday and they tell me they wont replace it because the seal is broken. Now ive never opened the unit and all i can think of is the sleeve scratched it off (that they provide). The fact that the unit is faulty to begin with, it should be replaced. But now they are telling me they wont.

    What do you guys think of this? Is Xenarc being ridiculous about this issue.

    I mean they admit the screen is faulty due to them!

    Let me know!


    Sorry i put this in the wrong forum group. If a mod wants to move it to "LCD/Display" please do.

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    yeah, if you've never broken the seal yourself, they should honor the warranty.
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      Well, I'm not going to buy one if this problem occurred twice and the second time they refused to fix it because they say you tampered. In fact I'm not likely to buy any xenarc unit now.
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        I always saw Xenarc as a premium brand with good warranty service, and their stuff costs a little extra because of that. Perhaps they're not worth the premium price if they try to cop out of fixing things. Hmmm.


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          Welcome to the club

          and here I thought I got what was coming to me buying a lilliput and having its gear snap on me. Xenarc was supposed to have better service, and a better product, I guess they're just making cheap knock offs now too.


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            That Xenarc screen is a POS. Get rid of it while you at it.

            Try to talk to a manager or someone else, I'm sure they'll be able to tell if the screws have ever been removed. They are trying to avoid replacing the units since almost 100% of them are going bad. I really don't see why anyone would go with a Xenarc over a Lilliput. Lilliput only needs to put a auto reverse cam detection and they will both be up to par.

            So, I would suggest that you fight it and if they are a member of the BBB tell them that you will report it. Once and if you get a replacement, get rid of it.


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              Anyone else out there feel my pain??


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                I think most have had that pain way before u


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                  I mentioned to you before I read nothing but bad reviews about this product and you were the only one saying good things... But now that you're talking like this, that leaves nobody saying anything good about Xenarc anymore...

                  About Lilliput over Xenarc, I am sure there are other "major" brands out there, right? I mean, are these two crappy products all we have to chose from, seriously?


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                    i have two lilliputs that broke in the last 15 months (touchscreen driver). it is crap, expensive, works good at the beginning but fails after a while.

                    only thing to say is that in a car you have tough conditions - vibrations, bumps, extreme temperatures (cold/hot) compare to office environment.

                    but i still expect parts built for such conditions and i am willing to pay more. bear in mind for the same price i get a 22 inch tft...


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                      Ouch... sorry to hear about that. I remember you kept trying to get me to buy one of those ... glad I didn't have the cash at the time.

                      Really, are there any good, usable screens out there? Anything without any moving parts? Or are they all built to fail quickly? I kinda liked the idea behind the CT650... but it never happened.

                      I think I'd keep trying to convince them to honor their warranty... talk to management, see what can be done.