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Lilliput VGA signal won't stay still

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  • Lilliput VGA signal won't stay still

    I bought a Lilliput 619 10-pin touch screen LCD from a user on this forum, and i can not get the VGA signal to stay still. Is this a common problem with these LCDs? The LCD is removed from the original casing and the wires are free at the bottom. I also noticed that the connector is super-glued to the controller board. I don't know what this thing looked like from the factory and i want to know if this is how it comes BRAND NEW.


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    I also have the same problems with vertical wavey lines when plugged into the onboard VGA, when i use a PCI card there is no problem at all.

    I also tried it with a regular 19" LCD screen from my computer, same problems with the onboard VGA..

    Been searching a while, in my case i wanted to buy the 5200FX to solve this problem, but if there is a solution to use the onboard VGA without any noise that would be awesome.

    I have tried various VGA cables, shielded, gold plated etc.. but it doesn't seem to help fixing this problem, im sure it has something to do with the onboard VGA connector.. at the moment im just connected to a regular ATX power supply at home for testing before installation in my WRX... Though i think when using the M2-ATX psu this problem would not be fixed.. since somebody i know have the same problem with onboard VGA usage.


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      Cut the ground wires and the shielding on one end of the VGA cable. Your monitor is normally grounded via power connector, the ground of the computer is 'floating' (at least concerning the firm metal chassis ground).

      Another possibility (and was my problem previously) that the background switching freq interferes. I put a small ceramic capacitor (around 100nF) between the low-voltage side of the background PS and the ground.
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