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Lilliput 619 VGA signal won't stop moving

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  • Lilliput 619 VGA signal won't stop moving

    I bought a Lilliput 619 10-pin from a user on this forum and when i use the VGA signal, the screen is all wavy. The LCD panel and controller board were out of the original casing. Does this always happen when you take out the LCD? Also, is the tiny connector where the USB and VGA plugs into the controller board supposed to be super glued in there? I can't get it out because it is glued. he claimed "Neither have any damage" when i bought it (he was selling 2 of them).

    Here is a video of what it does:

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    this forum is sooo weird. i start a thread and it won't post at all, then i start another one and it posts instantly. I wait like 36 hours and my first thread is created. Stupidest thing i've ever seen