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    ok i dont know if this is the right section but i think ity is.

    i have a 1/2 din dvd player a alpine cda9886 and a 10.4" lcd screen in my dash. i also have 2 5" headrest monitors in the back but my question is i want to hook up a backup cam but cant seen to find out how to do it so that the 10.4" monitor will be able to switch between the dvd and the cam it only has one video input so any help would be great. also i would still like the headrest to play the dvd and just the dash monitor switch between the two can this be done?

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    If your 10.4-inch screen only has 1 composite video input, you can use a video switcher to add multiple inputs. You can:

    Build your own:
    Buy one from Radio Shack:
    Or buy one suited more to what you're looking for:

    So, in your situation, you'd have the DVD player connected to your video splitter with 2 lines going to your two 5-inch headrest monitors and a third line to a switcher input. The backup camera goes to a switcher input. The switcher's output then connects to your 10.4-inch dash monitor. The switching between backup camera and DVD video only takes place on the front monitor.

    Hope this helps.


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      sabb9-5 thanks for the help that souds like it will work the only other thing is i have a video amp how wouls i do that just run dvd to a y then one of them to switcher input then switcher output to 10.4 and run the other line from the dvd to the input on amp and then video 1 and 2 output from amp to headrest monitors so just dont run the 10.4 to the amp would that work?