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  • 2 Din no chop?

    Hey all, im setting up to put a comp into my new 2001 eclipse GT. Unfortunaly the air controls arent all erctronic like i was hopeing. So long story short, i dont want to move these controls. So i have almost no room to chop the dash. What lcd touch would you guys recomend that is gonna be very close to stock double din?

    I have done some research but im looking for some hands on advice here, anypictures of your build? Thanks for all of your help.

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    I'm using a 7" Lilliput EBY-701 (2008 model) I got from ebay, and a plastic double DIN frame from It is very very close to Double DIN spec, only 7mm higher than spec (its 107mm high). I had to do some minor mods to my Metra Double DIN dash kit to fit it. Width-wise it is direct bolt in, it is the hieght that is just slightly over spec.

    Good Luck.
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