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7" scoll up Touch screen - Fiat Linea

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  • 7" scoll up Touch screen - Fiat Linea

    How & where to mount 7" Lcd on Fiat Linea Dashboard

    That the location where i thought i can mount. Is this possible.
    Please pour in your thoughts about where i can mount the screen
    If i have to mount a screen at the location i pointed, i would like to use a scroll up screen. It should scroll up similar to how cd rom tray comes out.
    Does any knows of any such screen ?


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    I don't know of any vertical motorized screens. I would replace the radio/CD player with the screen.

    Or, you could put a motorized touchscreen in that spot to save space but it would cover the controls above the buttons when you open it.
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      Thats the last option, that will block the AC vents.
      Other option could be flip up option, like ash tray etc at same location.


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        Originally posted by Viny View Post
        ...It should scroll up similar to how cd rom tray comes out...
        fully vertical? there is no enough place for that, there are the pipes of air vent... you need to build it horizontally - 90 deg flip, or mount it in 45 deg - if you find this type
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          why not just get a 1 din motorized screen and modify it to not angle up once it pops out?


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            Originally posted by rybitski View Post
            why not just get a 1 din motorized screen and modify it to not angle up once it pops out?
            1 din motorized ones blocks the AC Vent

            Only area that i see i can use is the space above the ac vents. So thinking on various available options, probably a 1 din motorized screen can be isntalled there. but if i need just a motorised screen, then there should be some other options too.


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              For putting motor in dash you really shoud consider idea of removing stock radio. With this you will gain place for yor wish.
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                miko55: the stock audio is central panel and its less than 4" in height. The lower pannel is Automatic Climate Control system.

                I have two option i think
                1. Scroll up screen that we are discussing as of now.
                2. Moving the ac vents to area where i am currently trying to put the Screen and, re design the dash to use the vacant space to fit in 10" screen.


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                  Any Suggestions, i am still pondering on where to mount the screen


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                    Still struggling to get any solution.
                    Need your ideas guys...
                    Pour in creative clues...