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Fixing my touch screen

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  • Fixing my touch screen

    I decided to fix my in dash touch screen the other day, its a manual fold into the dash type. it had a slight problem with flickering and a bit of the caseing would squeek and rattle as you drive about. its a hong kong special

    so i pulled it apart, 4 (all different) screws holding the back on, and a HEAP of hot glue, i managed to get the back off without breaking the casing or the screen after about 30 mins. then i found out why it was rattling, there should be 6 screws in the case, and to bit of plastic were rubbing on each other, solved that with a bit of felt stuff and some glue and 2 more screws. casing is dead quiet now

    the flickering issue was the ribbon was getting pinched when the casing was closed, so i pulled about 1cm of it outside the casing so it folded up properly.

    tested it all on my bench, after re assembling it, and it worked, pic was clean case was quiet..

    put it back in my car, thought ill just test it again, and found out somehow ive broken the damn touch screen, sigh... that was my w/e

    Todays mission is to pull it all out again disassemble the screen again, and hope i only bumped one of the really dodgy looking soldered wires from the touch screen and its fixable if that dosnt work, the fusion brain will be getting alot more buttons added.

    the lesson for the day, dont play with more than you need to on cheap LCD screens