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Help, what monitor do I have?

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  • Help, what monitor do I have?


    This is going to sound stupid but I have no idea what brand my monitor is. I haven't touched my carpc project in about 2 yrs and I can't recall what type of monitor I bought. To make matters worse, i cant find any receipts or even remember where I ordered it from. It shouldn't even exist apparently. Any ways I think I found a picture of it and searched around about the manufacturer but came up empty handed. I'm trying to see if there is away to make it auto power on by using a code on the remote ( kind of like the liliput does) because my new design places the control panel in an unreachable place. Since i don't know the maker, I don't even know what to search for.

    I want to see if maybe someone on here has the same monitor and could tell me where they ordered it from. Or even better If you could tell me the auto detect power on code. Here's what the monitor looks like. for some reason T700 sounds familiar, but I didn't find much searching google. Thanks For reading ! Here's the monitor

    ~ JES

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    Take it apart and read the model number from the board.
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      that,s what i did, but there are no visable marks on the top side of the board. There maybe something on the back side but I cant tell. The main board is attached to the back of the lcd panel. I cant tell whats holding it; a screw or double sided tape. All I know is its on there good enough that a don't want to pull to hard without knowing if im gonna break it or not. Thanks though.