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  • Powering up LCD...

    Okay, im a total noob but I just under went a little project to add some type video to my "audio/video set up. I had an old headrest monitor laying around w/a little in car dvd/mp3 player laying around home in TEXAS, im in Jersey so I tell my mom to send it to but she could only find the screen and the dvd player. I say to hell with it and start my project.

    Now as you can see in the first pic the only wire coming out of the.....

    LCD is:
    -the little SV-Video type cord w/like 5 prongs in it.

    The DVD player:
    -The typical 3 RCA jacks
    -"Remote In" headphone jack style
    -Power Harness 3 prongs(which I dont have either so Ill probably have to make something.

    My Alpine H/U (9883):
    -Aux In
    -Digital Aux

    Where do I go from here? I know I have to relocate the buttons as I dont have the remote to the LCD either. I really dont care for the screen setting much, I just want to be able to turn the thing on and off at will. Its sole purpose right now would be to play DVDs and possibly some TV. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    So I figured out how to power up the monitor so to speak but I need to figure out what type of monitor this is before I can get that bus cable that comes with headrest monitors...anyone have any ideas?? Theres a serial number on the back of the lcd cant remember exactly what but it said Sharp...I've searched and havent found anything on sharp head rest monitors...

    Any ideas on this one??? Would help a million!!! I didnt wanna cut open this cable to try to power this thing up....

    -Power button up top
    -Screen adjustments the next 2 down
    -Couldnt tell you what that one did