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  • Help: Upsidedown and backwards on Lilli...

    I have a new Lilliput 629 and everthing WAS working great.

    To build my indash I had to unhook the daughterboard for a bit to get things to fit. After I got everthing assembled I hooked it back up and now I'm getting the same problem that this guy got back in 05.

    The first thing that popped into my head was that the backup of the settings might have gotten messed up and it thinks that I want things reversed. It would be a pain to hook up the buttons again.

    The second idea I has was that I might have hooked up the ribbon cable backwards. I didn't think I did, but I get confused in my old age. That COULD cause the issue... But things would have to be wired in a strange way. I didn't want to reverse wire it without someone telling me that it's definately the case because it could also really screw things up.

    Anyone out there have any ideas?
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    Have you tried disconnecting the power source and giving it a couple minutes then putting it back on?

    If that didn't help, open it back up and verify that all ground connections are secure.

    Some keyboards use ctrl alt and the arrow keys as hot keys to rotate the monitor screen. Try fiddleing with them in combination to see if anything happens.

    If you have a Nvidia Video Card, Right click the Desktop, select Properties>Settings>Advanced. See if there
    is a setting in there to rotate the screen back to normal.

    If Nvidia software installed try clicking on the tab for your graphics card and have a look for NVRotate on the left hand side.

    Another option is that there may be an icon in the Task Bar Notification Area. If so, right click on it, select Rotation Settings and set it to 0 degrees.
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      Yeah... I've unplugged it and given it a bit...

      All the ground connections are secure.

      The problem isn't a driver issue as the "No signal" (pre-POST) and the POST message are all upside down and backwards, too.
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        Most current LCD panels have specific input pins to reverse the display directions. I think you need to look if you pinched a cable somewhere, or maybe you forgot to install an insulating washer somewhere while re-assembling the screen.


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          Yeah... Looks like pin 38 could be the culprit from doing a lot more searching. My cable, while trying to get it in correctly, ripped. Ordered a new one.
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            My Xenarc has menu options to flip the screen... Does the Lilliput have an on-screen menu that you can dig around in using the remote or front panel buttons?

            In spite of setting up my Xenarc with the menu options, it still wakes up with a flipped screen every once in a while. Drives me nuts.


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              Originally posted by JackB View Post
              Yeah... Looks like pin 38 could be the culprit from doing a lot more searching. My cable, while trying to get it in correctly, ripped. Ordered a new one.
              Hopefully that's it.
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                In case none of the above work, and although it isnt really a true fix:
                A video card I used to have(forget which) had the ability to rotate the screen around, so maybe you can see if your's does as well? Or maybe download some software to do that?

                I don't really know b/c Im not so computer-inclined, but just an idea.


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                  It is fixed. It was pin 38. The cable that MP3Car has for sale is the answer. Yay! Thanks, all, for the ideas.
                  My Install : '08 Saturn Sky In-dash