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    I thought I would write this review so that others could better make the decision to go transflective or not.

    I bought a transflective screen from Will at I had never met Will before but I can now say he is very friendly and easy to work with. He made a custom molded bezel for my monitor also. The bezel looks totally professional, like it was factory made.

    Will went way above and beyond for me. I happen to live in San Diego, where Will lives. He installed the monitor in my car and also helped rewire my entire carputer wiring.

    Having a translefctive monitor has been a night and day difference for me. It was worth every penny I paid. Well, pictures are worth a thousand words ... so check it out. I angled the car so that sunlight was shining directly on the monitor with a shadow in the upper left corner for comparison.
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    I must say that does look good.
    I do have one concern with his ad on his website though.
    If you look at the screen with out transflective is appears to have plastic over the front of it. Obviously this is going to exaggerate the glare. My screen is not transflective but is a lilliput 629 and I realized just keeping it clean helps alot with the glare.

    Check the link out and see for your self.

    I have never done business with this company before, so I cant pass any fare judgement. Just pointing out what I noticed.
    TF screens are nice and this is a very fare price. Especially the upgrade. Considering a normal Lilliput costs about $250 and with the upgrade it comes to about $600. That is pretty fare considering is asking 675. They used to ask about $750.
    Great find
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