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Computer-controlled backlight?

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  • Computer-controlled backlight?

    Can the backlight level on any of the Lilliput/Xenarc/etc screens be adjusted from the computer? I know there's a Windows API for this (intended for laptop screens), I just wonder if it is supported by these screens, or if it even works over a regular VGA cable vs. requiring special hardware.

    I'm looking into ways to automatically adjust my screen for day/night for software that doesn't support skinning, and this approach would be ideal. If not I'll fall back to brightness/contrast or something.

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    I have wondered about the same thing. I have a lilliput, but just havent taken the time to find out.


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      You set set the gamma settings of windows itself, but the backlight will be the same brightness, it will just not look as bright because the whole display will be dimmer.

      To control the backlight, no screen I am aware of allows access to it other than through the hardware buttons. On my screen it is 1 button that cycles through 5 modes of backlight from dim to bright. Only way to make this PC controllable would be to hack those buttons to the PC and send the commands that way.

      Much easier to just use gamma control.
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