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Xenarc 700TSV - white screen when touch controller attached, fine otherwise

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  • Xenarc 700TSV - white screen when touch controller attached, fine otherwise

    So my 700TSV has been working great for years. I recently changed vehicles, so I'm installing my carputer in the new car. I have everything setup and go to start it up, adn my Xenarc just shows the white screen of death. I had dealt with this issue before, so I brought it inside to check the ribbon cables. I reseated the cables, but still nothing. I then tried removing the connector to the touch panel (attached diagonally with adhesive) and the screen powered up, no problem. Has anyone seen this type of thing? Is this a sign that my touch controller is toast? Seems like strange symptoms. Before I go buying a new touch controller (not sure where I can even get just that, I guess from Xenarc directly), does anybody have any insight as to what's going on? Thanks in advance...


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    Sorry that I can't help with your problem, but I wanted to ask about the white screen of death.

    I'm seeing this I think on my 700IDT. Sometimes there are black lines one pixel wide running across the screen, varying every time it is powered on. Sometimes you can also see that something is showing but just barely. And after turning it off and on a number of times it will finally work right. Same problem?

    And check with the mp3car store, they sell parts and may be able to sell you a new touch controller.

    Zotac N630I-D-E M/B w/ Nvidia 7100, E5300 cpu, Xenarc 700IDT, M2-ATX, XP, RR & DFX 5.1.