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Question about Xenarc 700 or 702tsv mirror function...

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  • Question about Xenarc 700 or 702tsv mirror function...

    My question is for those with a Xenarc 700tsv or 702tsv display. The description of the product indicates there is a mirror function for both video and vga inputs (I assume it is integrated for those with a backup camera). I need the image flipped to try and use it in a HUD setup, because despite endless searching, I have yet to find software in windows that can mirror-flip the desktop. It's one command line in linux, but with linux there is little OBDII support.

    I know the idea of a HUD (heads up display) has been tossed around multiple times on this forum. I've done a lot of reading, etc., and I just have this one question for now...

    How does the mirror function actually work? i.e., do you have to turn it on every time a given input is used or is it a toggle-able menu option?

    The display will be mounted in a relatively inaccessible fashion (it's a shame it's a touchscreen...will go to waste), so this is relatively important. I really need the display to remain in a reversed mode. And no, I don't want to use mirrors. I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.

    Also, if someone knows of another LCD as bright as the 702tsv, that has the mirror functionality, but is not a touchscreen (and thusly cheaper), that info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.