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Planar Touchscreen and some Distortion issues

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  • Planar Touchscreen and some Distortion issues

    Looking for any type of possible solution here:

    I have a Planar LX1200ti screen:

    This is connected to a AAEON computer:

    The planar is connected to the AAEON box in the trunk via a 15' VGA cable.

    The AAEON box and Planar are powered via 12v hardwired connections with proper ground.

    Here is my issue:

    during the BIOS boot up the screen looks great, clear and no distortion, even in the bios to view settings everything looks great. The problem starts as soon as Windows starts loading, the screen has "wavey" rolls in it, sort of like what you see when you view an older tv or computer monitor through a camcorder.

    i know it's not a power/ground issue because during the bios there is no issue, there may be something with either the length of the VGA cable (15') or could it be the VGA settings? the fact that the BIOS is 800x600 with pretty simple graphics and that vista is 1024x768 SVGA? we've also seen the screen roll on systems with XP so it shouldn't be a Vista only issue.

    any help is appreciated!


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    I know you say it's not an ground issue, but it is that exatly.

    Try to power your computer or monitor from a seperate battery, i'll bet you that the interference dissapears.

    It has something to do with ground currents making interference with the signal, and remember, the refresh rate on BIOS and in windows is not the same, so it does not apply in the same ways.

    I am suffering from this a little bit in my own car, and will try to build a DC/DC converter with transformer and 100 % isolation, that should cure the problem.

    // Per.


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      Ground loop

      I had the same problem with the same monitor. I had them send a replacement, no ground loop. Make sure you have the latest version.
      Its a known issue on the older models.