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Facts about getting a 800*480 resolution to work!

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  • Facts about getting a 800*480 resolution to work!


    I have read and read on the forums, and searched both the forums and on google, and i still didnt found any clear info.
    So can you please post your information on how you got your setup to work?
    Like this maybe:
    Videocard, Fabricant and model
    Screen, Fabricant and model
    Other info, like what program you used to get the resolution, and what settings.

    For my setup i would be like this:
    NForce 7050, Zotac 610i-ITX
    Linitx LIN70ATPC-SAU

    Best Regards

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    I just run mine (8") at 1024X768...
    It doesn't give me that widescreen option in XP.


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      having same issue, someone help??


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        I could never get it to work - Did a lot of looking around to, but basically its not able to work with my Dell Inspirion 1520 laptop.

        Oh well, 800x600 looks just fine on my 7" Xenarc ITD


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          I have a Zotac IONITX board with an Nvidia graphics chipset.. It has the ability to create custom resolutions but I don't know what to set for the timing and refresh rate etc... Anyone know?
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            guys, there is a nifty little program called "power strip", its free and does magic with video cards, get it and try to play around with it.
            also you can find modded graphic drivers at
            they work better then the drivers that are provided by manufacturers, they also offer more options in most cases.
            if the modded drivers and/or powerstrip cannot output the desired resolution then your hardware is simply not capable of outputing this res.
            good luck
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              I'm running 800x480 on my Zotac ION board simply using NVIDIA's control panel. All I had to do was set the custom resolution, using default timings.
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                thats good to know, i will be getting my zotac ion board tomorrow
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                  I'm running a jetway mini-itx motherboard with a c7 processor, not sure what model exactly but I had to update my BIOS and change a setting in the BIOS in order to get the video card to display the 800x480 resolution. But after I got it working, the screen would be misaligned whenever it came back from hibernate. I had to turn the screen off and back on.

                  I just stuck with 800x600.
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                    I'm using a laptop (HP nc8230) on a dock (HP Advanced Docking station) using an ATI x600M to provide 800X480 60 Hz to my Zenarc 701 TSV, via one of the three powerstrip timing settings described in the "everything you want to know about your Zenarc" sticky thread...I will post powerstrip timings when I get the chance to look them up...I did have to tweak the horizontal frequency up one notch to get the monitor to lock on properly and consistently, but it works every time now.


                    ATI X600M
                    powerstrip -> Coffeejolt's settings on p.3 of the "everything...zenarc" sticky thread, only "up" one arrow press on the horz scan rate (top)
                    Zenarc 701TSV

                    = working 800 X 480
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                        I'm having trouble with this as well. It should be working but I can't seem to get it to display 800x480. I have a Zotac 630i and a Xenarc 700tsv. The 630i has a GeForce 7100 GPU and I'm using the ForceWare 195.62 drivers. I can set a custom resolution of 800x480 using the settings from Xenarc's site and it says it's successful and looks ok during the test, but after I exit out of the nVidia Control Panel, my custom resolution is not available for me to choose. Any ideas?


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                          Asrock k7S41gx here : 800*480 out of the box. Same with Jetway AMD GeodeNX Board (chipset SiS 741 gx/cx)
                          Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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                            i run 1028X1024,and mine is samsung .