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Multi Monitors with multi vidcards

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  • Multi Monitors with multi vidcards

    I want to set up a system where I can play movies games etc in the back while still using gps etc in the front I was thinking maybe I could achieve this with another video card I curently have an ati and Ive messed around with the extended desktop thing but that doesnt work the way I want it to Im not going to do anything at the moment and prob not till taxes come back

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    I like the matrox dual-headed cards. They have
    the best 2D output (in my opinion), and are cheap.

    I have two at home and never had any problems. One for dual display on a desktop, and one for the server in the closet: one monitor in the closet, and the other to the TV in the other room.


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      Is it like havin two seperate desktops then

      Only prob i had was trying to get the video to play on both monitors


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        Thanks for the help ill look at those


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          Re: Is it like havin two seperate desktops then

          Originally posted by 98explorerxlt
          Only prob i had was trying to get the video to play on both monitors
          You could set it up various ways:

          Two separate independent screens (with separate keyboards / mice)
          One large desktop left->right or top->bottom

          Oh yea, this is under linux as I don't do windows.

          The cards do have built-in hardware scaling / colorspace conversion for mpeg / avi decode... I haven't tried it on two independent monitors at the same time. I'll try that tonight. ;-)


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            linux hmm maybe

            never relly messed around with linux maybe someday Is it possible to use just one system ie mouse keyboard to control both monitors I think I prob wouldnt be able to run a game at the same time as a movie maybe Ill go all out and build two systems one for mp3s and one for video/gaming then run the monitors of them only concern would be power then ohh yeah and money
            Can you tell im still in the idea phase


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              I think a video card for each screen is better i have a 3 screen setup right now. 3 19" monitors with a Geforce 4 ti (2 pci) and one (agp) It works pretty good.


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                Hmm, well, getting 2 displays is easy, getting 2 seperate terminals each of which taking seperate input, is not so easy.

                If you just want to view from one screen, and interact with the other screen, like:
                a) just see the gps, and use the game on the controller,
                b) start the mp3s going, then switch focus to the game in back.

                Its no problem... just get a duel monitor setup with either a duel headed video card, or 2 video cards. Just think of the computer as seeing the two monitors as one big display. Just make sure you have enough processing power. Doing this should be easy and cheap.

                Input is the diffiicult part...
                Windows will only let you focus on one program at a time, so if you run a gps and a game, the respective users have to take turns entering in commands.
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                  I have seen in the past a device which plugs into a PCI slot of a PC and gives you kbd, mouse, vga, sound outputs to run another user from the same box. It is supported in Windows, tho it might be NT/2K only.
                  This is going back a while tho, when a PC was still relatively expensive, about 4 years?
                  I dont know where to sart looking for it, tho it did exist at one time, definately.



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                    Really? I wonder what that was? are we talking windows NT?, XP, or more advanced versions?

                    I belive once Microsoft started putting out server OS editions they made some effort to limit the concurrent use of multiple sessions with thier products, that card probibly only works on server level OS products.. would be very useful tho, perhaps not for a car application, but for an in home application

                    MS SQL personal edition for example only allows 1 connection at a time MS IIS server only allows like 1 at once I think...
                    Whereas the server editions can have... many.

                    98explorerxlt, I really think your best bet is:

                    - 2 ITX systems, even if you did get two sessions w/ seperate mice, keyboard inputs... you would still have to worry about sound... and then there is processing power... I think 2 full windows with 2 full apps at once may well move you out of the ITX range. I mean, the overhead involved in 2 sessions + 2 process intensive programs, it would be a strain on a ITX M9000.
                    I mean, why not have 2 small cheap, easy to install boards, instead of 1 larger, harder to install board that costs twice as much, and is a great pain to set up?
                    - One opus power supply, branch the ATX plug, so you have 2 plugs to power 2 mobos.

                    (The Ominous, I apologise, you mentioned the os in your post, but I missed it in my origional version of this post)
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                      thenominous: yeah, ive seen those boxes first hand. we had those at work on our servers. it allowed us to use 1 set of devices(keyboard, mouse, etc), yet, change servers very easily. We had like 4 servers running off 1 monitor and 1 set of devices(keyboard, mouse, etc). i dont remember who made it or anything, i know they were kinda expensive from what i remember, somewhere around the $100 range. ill try and see what i can find out.
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                        Hey. RaZor, What you mentioned sounds like a cpu switch. Controls a number of servers from one desktop, right? It sounds like 98explorerxlt is looking for the reverse of what those do...

                        Cpu switches = contol many boxes with one console
                        98explorerxlt needs = 2 consoles from one box

                        thenominous, you were talking about the latter right? a card that allows multiple independent consoles from a single box

                        (Just thinking out loud here)
                        Getting 2 users with seperate screens, each of which has thier own mouse icon and cursor, and they can focus on seperate things, off the same box.. thats got to be an OS level thing, right?
                        The OS has got to provide for it... Linux I can understand is going to have that sort of sturdy multiuser functionality, but my instinct tells me that in the more recent versions of windows, they will have explicitly disabled that in anything other then the server editions and the advanced server.
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                        Working On: GMAT
                        Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd


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                          IM running xp pro corprate right now I dont know much about linux guess I could check it out cant be that hard

                          Im thinking multi monitors of one server but two monitors off seperate servers with one controling both servers would work too basically I just want to be able to control different apps at the same time in the back seat and front basically a network type of system would work man this is getting crazy

                          Has anyone ever put a network in thier car? Ive got a 98 explorer as you can see


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                            Under linux (and xfree) , you can partition the displays / input devices pretty much any way you want.

                            For example you could have:

                            two displays merged as one screen, with one keyboard and two mice controlling it
                            and another display w/ 4 keyboards and 13 mice.

                            assuming you had 3 video cards (or outputs) and lots of USB stuff. ;-)

                            I once plugged in like 3 keyboards and 4 mice just to see how it worked, along with my dual-head video card.

                            Or you could have the usual two separate monitor/keyboard/mice combinations served by one machine w/ a dual-headed card.


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                              Originally posted by CA 3000GT

                              thenominous, you were talking about the latter right? a card that allows multiple independent consoles from a single box
                              Yes, not talking about a KVM switch at all.

                              ah ha! I found what I was talking about here:

                              They all run on 95/98,
                              this one requires NT4/2k server etc: